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Real Estate Law - An Overview

There are state and federal laws that regulate the sale, purchase, development, leasing, and tenancy of different kinds of buildings and pieces of land. These laws encompass everything from ownership to related concerns such as financing,  construction, taxes, and environmental policies.

As a Kentucky real estate lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, Bruce Orwin represents Kentucky homeowners (and potential homeowners) in all kinds of real estate transactions.



Homeowners who wish to sell a house or property can employ a real estate broker or an agent, who in turn solicits potential buyers. If the seller and the broker sign a listing agreement, the broker is obligated to find a buyer. If the property sells, the sellers pays the broker's commission.

Real estate brokers are generally subject to the licensing standards established by the State of Kentucky.

Glossary of Real Estate Topics

Real estate law involves quite a bit of legalese that can be confusing for first-time homebuyers. If you would like to purchase or sell real estate, an experienced real estate attorney will explain the terms, obligations, and benefits of a potential transaction to you, and will represent you at the closing.


A deed symbolizes ownership of a property. It includes the names of the buyer and seller and the property's legal description.

Home Inspections

When you're interested in purchasing a house, you may wonder if it has hidden problems or flaws that will either cost thousands to fix or negatively affect the value of the home after you've purchased it. Instead of worrying, you can obtain a home inspection in which an independent party evaluates the house for potential problems.

What to Expect at Closing

A real estate closing is the meeting in which the seller officially transfers ownership of the property to the buyer. The buyer and the seller, their attorneys, both real agents (or brokers), the lender's representative, and the closing agent typically attend.

Real Estate Lawyer in Kentucky

If you are interested in buying or selling property, please consult attorney Bruce Orwin today. He has 23 years of experience representing residential and commercial real estate clients in Somerset, Pulaski, Laurel and Wayne Counties, Lake Cumberland, London, Corbin and Monticello in south central Kentucky. In addition to being a real estate lawyer, Bruce Orwin is a representative of Southern Title, Chicago Title Insurance Company, and other title companies. This is your assurance that he has met stringent title and real estate examination standards.

If you need an experienced real estate attorney in Somerset, Kentucky, call Bruce Orwin at (866) 552-4045.

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D. Bruce Orwin
Attorney at Law
116 North Main Street, Suite A, PO Box 716
Somerset, Kentucky 42505-0716
Toll Free (866) 552-4045
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